What is Pinnsec Accessories about?

Known as Pinnsec, Pinnacle Security Solutions division, brings exceptional distribution to the Life Safety & Security industry. 

Adding to Pinnacle’s already vast array of superior ICT products, Pinnsec is a specialised supplier centre for a range of world-class products for:

  • CCTV

  • Public Address

  • Evacuation

  • Access Control

  • Fire Detection

  • Gas Suppression

Pinnsec provides top-notch solutions for small- to high-end applications in the banking, commercial, corporate, education, government, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, mining, retail, sport, transportation and other related industries.

Established in 1993, Pinnsec strives to deliver exceptional services and expertise to our customers & resellers, mass and independent retailers and the government sector have positively increased our reputation within the IT and security industry and put us at the forefront of innovation as a leading supplier.

Our Product Team

Donovan Dercksen
Verticals Director

[email protected] 
+27 (11) 990 6020